Our Journey

American Veterans Transit was founded on the basis of two main ideas. The first is to provide a transportation service to a growing community. This community consist of an ever growing elderly population, a population that consist of family members and tight social groups that chose to share in fellowship and the last group consist of a young millennial age group that have different interest but are still tied into social groups with like interests
The second reason is to provide free services to a community that has earned the distinguishment of being called a Veteran. AVT is dedicated to donating all tips and proceeds from sales of merchandise for Veterans. These funds will be held in a lock box until the CPA for AVT who has the only key will open and account for the funds. At that point AVT will contact Veterans groups and identify 10 Veterans and schedule an outing that could possibly be a full weekend. Depending on limitations of veterans and funds donated is how trips will be determined. The trips could possibly be fishing trips, beach trips, atv trail riding trips for example. The main focus is to give back to a community that I am part of and a proud America